Friday, January 06, 2006

Ashdown on Slashdotting

Over on his campaign journal, Pete Ashdown has a post about the effects of the recent mention on slashdot:

The residual effect of Slashdot was remarkable. At first a flood of vandals hit the wiki and left their messes about. Almost instantly, a larger group of new volunteers came in and cleaned it up. Within 24 hours, these same volunteers went about reorganizing and contributing to wiki in ways that were utterly amazing to watch. The wiki is now stronger and better than ever.

And better looking, in my opinion.

Economically, it's not been that great, to the tune of $290.

However, the name is getting out there. according to google's blog search (which isn't all that good, because yours truly is not listed, and I use Google's blogging technology), there have been 15 blog entries since Wednesday.


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