Friday, January 06, 2006

Just don't watch it

If you don't like crap that's on TV, don't watch it. Rent a movie, read a book, just don't watch the show. If nobody watches it, nobody will advertise, and the show will get cancelled and more crap will replace it.

Gazelem talks about this idea when refering to The Book of Daniel:

That is the problem with this big campaign against this (and any other show). It simply draws attention to a show that would probably simply go on and then right back of the air, if people would just not watch it. Instead, you raise the hype about the show. You call it evil and it gets greater attention than it otherwise would. Thus increasing its viewership and increasing its revenue and keeping it on the air longer.

The AFA is good intentioned, but wrongly directed. Getting the show off the air is the right thing to do. But a better direction would be a whisper-like campaign encouraging good Christians and their friends to boycott this show.

I've often though that some of the "Christian Groups" that call for boycotts of these shows are really front men for the studios' marketing department.


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Travis said...

While, I don't think that the AFA or other "Christian Groups" are fronts for media marketing firms. I would be surprised if there are media marketing firms that are adding fuel to the "Christian Groups'" fire by making phone calls claim to be Christians in an outrage trying to encourage such actions.