Friday, January 27, 2006

Hatemongering Mormons

This Divided State reprints an e-mail about from someone in Calgary who recently saw their film:

I just arrived home from viewing your film in Calgary Alberta Canada. I myself am an upstanding tithe-paying returned-missionary relief-society sister and was quite fascinated by the fracas surrounding the visit of M. Moore to UVSC.

I regret that probably very few members of the church took the opportunity to see this film in Calgary, as it really makes one consider the folly of using religion as a justification for contention and narrow-mindedness, war mongering and hate mongering.

It was a good reminder to me to never be too smug about the "superiority" of my religious beliefs and an impetus for me to remain true to my left-leaning political views.

Thanks for your documentary. Keep it up.

Kathryn Davies
(B.A., Philippines San Pablo Mission 2002-2003, Institute graduate)"

This sums up my thoughts exactly.

Annother good film to see on LDS hypocracy is Mobsters and Mormons.

(RM, Minnesota Minneapolis Mission, 1998-2000)

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Communis Legionarius said...

Ditto for me. How can you hate something without knowing anything about it?