Friday, January 27, 2006

Republicans want to control you

So much for small government.

From the Utah Democratic Party:

First, Sen. Chris Buttars, under the control of the Utah Eagle Forum, pitched his Origin of Life bill , ostensibly to wrest curriculum control from elected school boards, and is planning to make illegal support groups for high school kids.

Secondly, backed by Governor Huntsman, Republican lawmakers are attempting to abolish the bi-partisan rule of the Board of Regents.

Next up is Sen. Stephens attempt to repeal sections of the US Constitution and take away the rights of voters under the explanation that legislators know more than voters (at the same time, Sen. Hellewell is pushing legislation that praises the Constitution).

Added to the list are bills that will strip cities of their zoning rights, among other things, fights about ethics reform and Legislative retooling of GRAMA.

Also, the Utah State Democratic party is worried about "Strategic Stalling" on very important issues from the Utah Governor's office.

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