Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Larry Miller Running for office?

Disclaimer: I am employed by Larry H Miller Sports and Entertainment Group. The opinions expressed herein are my own and not of my employers. Furthermore, all information provided is pure speculation on my part, and I have only the facts provided as evidence. Furthermore, none of my evidence has been gleaned from confidential sources related to my job there.

I had an interesting thought last night, one that just popped into my head: Is Larry H Miller quietly planning a run for office?

Think about the facts:

~After his R-rated shouting at the Jazz players, he took some time away from the team. Upon his return, the mellow Miller started wearing what someone described as a "Grandpa Larry" sweater, trying to re-invent his personal dress code.

~He has been running an ad that looks alot more like an ad for Larry than for any of his businesses. It shows him helping in his dealerships, walking around the Delta Center, helping an employee in his parts department, Giving a check for charity at a Stingers game, and looking out what you are supposed to think is his office window (It's really the top-floor suites at the D.C. After all, you know this guy.

~He is a Republican, and has allowed the use of the Delta Center for use in Gov Huntsman's Campaign. The Delta Center will also be host to the conservative utherland Institute's convention in March.

~His "moral stand" relating to Brokeback Mountain is the type of minor act, major grandstanding that Republicans seem to be famous for.

~He has lots of disposable income.

Just speculating....


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Jenni said...

This is an interesting theory, it does look like a political set up. I guess time will tell.