Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Making money

OK, here's the deal. I am broke. I need money. In reality, a blog is not the place to make it. However, every little bit helps. So, I have started an online store, selling t-shirts and stuff. It is similar to CafePress, but gives us non-artistic types a little more flexability. You can find the store here, or click the t-shirt on the right. I'll feature a different shirt from time to time. Everything you buy will get me a little extra cash, and help justify my existance in the blogosphere. Except the "Vote for Pete" shirt. I just don't feel right making a buck on someone else's campaign.

Also, right above the shirt picture is a place where you can buy adspace. If you have a business or a blog (or even just a message) you would like to share with my readers, click on "your ad here" and buy an ad. Rates are cheap!

Google ads will be going away as soon as I can earn my $100. If you know how to help me on this, help by doing what I can't tell you to do.


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