Monday, January 23, 2006

MLM = Hatch

There is an article in this morning's Deseret News about how several top executives of XanGo have contributed to Orrin Hatch's Campaign.

XanGo is "A delicious daily dietary supplement, XanGo Juice harnesses the nutritional attributes of the whole mangosteen fruit through a proprietary formula. Based in Utah, XanGo is privately owned and powered by a global network of independent distributors."

So, Multi-Level Marketers like Orrin Hatch.

Shaun has a post about MLM. His post reminded me of the experience I've had with MLM.

I have managed to avoid getting involved, not getting suckered into attending a "business meeting." Except for when it was part of my job.

We had a couple of MLM companies hold conventions in Salt Lake City. I worked at two of them. The salespeople who attended would occasionally try to sell me on the business opportunity. Not the products themselves, but the cash to be made with them.

Because, appearently, a 300 pound 26 year old looks like he needs to make cash more than the need to lose weight.

At one of the conventions (because of the fact that I like my job, I won't mention names), many people seemed to have a professed love for the Founder, who was treated like a rock star or Diety. All things from him were true, unquestioned.

The speeches, especially those from Founder, reminded me of the large Evangelical meetings like you see on late-night Television (or the movie Leap of Faith), both in the style of the production and speech, and what was being said. I fully expected people to be invited up to be "saved."

As Shaun says: Business opportunity meetings just have a tendency to attract people who are looking for religion not a business.

So what's to be done? "Make your religion your religion and don't confuse it with anything else in your life."


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