Monday, January 09, 2006

Reid in Utah Wednesday

The most powerful elected Mormon in history will be in Utah on Wednesday.

According to the Washington Post, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will be in Utah on Wednesday. No details are availiable.

In each state Reid will conduct events seeking to highlight the need to "restore honest leadership in Washington, D.C.," said his spokesman Jim Manley.
"Americans everywhere want elected officials who will fight for them," Reid said. "We're ready to clean up Washington, and we're going to make our case across this country."

Oh, and the Republicans are just asking for a can of something (and I don't mean silly string) to be opened on them. Their Counter-spin:

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt drew a different conclusion when informed of Reid's travels.

"You can take Harry Reid out of Washington, but you can't take the Washington out of Harry Reid," Schmitt said. "Does he plan to brag about killing the Patriot Act or shutting down the United States Senate?"

I hope he does. If Repblicans were in favor of resposible government for, of, and by the people, these actions would not have been necessary.


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