Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Interview With Ashdown

Utah Politics prints a new interview with Pete Ashdown.

Some highlights:

I launched this idea of getting people to contribute $20/month towards the campaign. Although a handful of people have done that, it has been a resounding failure. Instead, I’m asking people for $100 by default now.

I believe we need to exercise the democracy of Iraq and have a referrendum on whether the U.S. should stay or not. The best judges of the situation in Iraq are the Iraqis themselves. If they want us to stay, we should stay but consider repayment of the cost of the war. If they want us to leave, we should withdraw to countries like Kuwait, Turkey, and Qatar and keep an eye on the Iranians.

It doesn’t take new legislation for our elected representatives to document themselves to us. I have promised to post details about my meeting schedules and phone calls to the Internet if elected. The Democrats could do that now and lead by example.

I like Joe Biden for the sole reason that he was 30 years old when elected to the Senate against a longtime incumbent. After him, I think Jon Stewart would make a great president. Seriously.

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