Friday, February 10, 2006

Orrin-y Goodness

OK, so I'm stealing from Utah Policy a little today (actually, it was yesterday's UPD), but it's just too fun.

The maven of the national leftybloggers is Wonkette. She has a post asking for anyone with information on Orrin Hatch's "senior moments" to e-mail them to her.
"It’s Okay, Senator Hatch; We Confuse Vietnam With Iraq Sometimes Too"

Woods Cross Citizzen talks about Sen Orrin's unbeatability. "I don't think there are enough Republicans in Utah who are willing to vote for a Democrat to unseat Hatch." He goes on:

I think when any politician is in their position too long, they tend to not listen to what their constituents want. So why could Hatch be unbeatable? Money. It all comes down to how much money he can raise to put on a huge campaign. Let's face it, Hatch has lots of friends with very deep pockets that want to make sure he stays in his powerful position.

I have two things to add: 1) Orrin's been in so long, that kids born when he started his reign can run against him this year. 2) Money's a big reason to contribute to Pete Ashdown.


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