Sunday, February 12, 2006

Supporting Democrats

Over at this post, a commenter left this comment:

BoB, Phil Riesen is the DEMOCRATIC Candidate. Why not support your future rep.?

I support the person behind the name, not the letter after it. As my friend Shaun says, politics is not, and should not be, my religion. I will vote for whomever stands for what I beleive in more than the other person, not what party they belong to.

For instance, in 2004, I did vote mostly for Democrats, except for a few races such as President. I left my ballot unpunched, because everybody was dishonorable and unjust.

As far as Phil Reisen is concerned, I know nothing about him as a candidate. From what I've recieved so far, he could want to madate that the only outlet available to buy furnature is at John Parras. We just don't know yet. However, Mr Reisen and I have had some encounters in the past, dating back to his days at Channel 2. I used to work in an area grocery store, and he was a frequent customer. However, he felt like because he was a "celebrity" (how many teenagers actulally watch the news?) he felt like he needed to be treated better than everyone else. He would drop the "don't you know who I am" line at will. He has rubbed me the wrong way ever since then.

As far as the "future Rep." business, he isn't even officially on the ballot (right now, nobody is), so it's a little early to speak. However, no matter who wins in Novemeber, I will support them and dog them, just like I do now.


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