Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AMERICABlog, the Pentagon, and Propaganda

The stories coming our of country on our web site are ones that are not coming covered by the main stream media. This is why we are using this avenue to get these stories (humanitarian efforts and reconstruction) out.

Q) Who was this e-mail to? A) AMERICAblog author John Aravosis.

Q) From? A Red Cross Official in Pakistan? Louisiana?

A) 1LT Brian Anderson, public affairs officer at US Central Command, writing about Iraq.

I wonder if it's Brian C Anderson, who wrote a scathing commentary on the liberal media, claiming victory with such voices as FOX News and conservative bloggers.

Maybe it's "South Park Conservatives" author Brian Anderson (probably the same as above...)

Probably not. But, it's fun to speculate, especially when people have common names.


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