Friday, March 24, 2006

Follow the law

It's a shame that the (Utah) Democrats are scared chickens

A fellow blogger talking about going up against the colture of corruption? No. Jim Shea Jr in today's Deseret News.

You see Jimmy's mad at the Democrats for wanting the law followed. The law says that you must be a resident of the state for 3 years in order to be a legislator. He voted in New York in 2003.

Also, a great way to establish "residency" is to register to vote, which he did the same day he entered the race.

However, what Jimmy needs to understand is, the Democrats may have done the Republicans a favor by not sitting on the information. Let's say that Jimmy makes in out of Convention. He'll probably win in a primary. Then, the Democrats raise the issue, and Shea gets tossed off the ballot, therefore allowing the Domcrat to win.


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