Wednesday, March 15, 2006

KSL, Mormons, Democrats, and "the letter:" The comments

I love the fact that KSL, and other news media outlets, have comments sections on their news stories. It makes them alot more like blogs.

Here is a smattering of comments from the KSL story on the LDS Church letter:

Kurt G.: "Can we please retire Orrin Hatch now?! Pete Ashdown would be a welcome breath of fresh air to represent us in Washington. (and for those of you who place utmost importance on religious affilitation, he is a member of the LDS church)"

Jason H., who maybe doesn't know who owns KSL: "The funniest thing about this story is how it isn't anything new, unless you are KSL and are trying to get a rise out of the majority of the people. There must be more than a few ksl employee's who would like to see nothing more than the LDS church become the next biggest liberal group in the union, by promoting a "news story" as insignificant as this one. You pick the political party that closest resembles your beliefs. In most cases for LDS peoples, that is the republican party. Nothing more, nothing less. You are not accepted into heaven based on the political party you belong too. And you shouldn't create news stories just to stir the pot. We have enough to worry about without you trying to create one more wall around the majority religion of the state, and everyone else. "

Marge S. "At the VERY least those of us that are not republican but ARE LDS will maybe recieve less remarks from pompous members about how " Good Mormon's are not liberals" I know I will love to hear less of those . As if they speak for God himself . My fellow Democrats know those people . The ones who do not care how much they judge someone or how rude they are but they don't drink Pepsi so they are going straight to the pearly gates. Course not ALL republican members are like that . However the ones that are I hope will think twice before proclaiming they "know to be true" the political party of Jesus Christ"

Bobbi N. "I'm LDS, and I vote mainly democrat in the state of Utah yet consider myself very republican. (Except in the case of Rocky, of course) There are a lot of really good LDS democrats in this state. Let's not forget that not too very long ago, most of Utah's politicians were Democrat (I even think that was the case after they let Mormons run for public office) Support the candidates that will be what you feel is the best for you and your children. Not all democrats are liberal. Actually I consider most of the Democrats (except for Rocky) pretty conservative. Vote for the person, not the party."


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