Thursday, March 16, 2006

Name Recognition and Pete Ashdown

OK, so I was driving sown the road the other day, and I saw a guy out holding a sign selling pizzas at Little Caesars for just $5. I wanted a pizza. I knew all along that they had $5 pizza, but the guy holding the sign made me think of pizza. And not just any pizza. Little Caesars Pizza. LC ranks #4 on my list of favorite pizza places, but yet that was the only kind of pizza I wanted. Stupid guy with the sign.

Then, a few blocks later, I saw annother guy standing on the sidewalk holding a sign. It was UNcle Sam holding a sign that just said "income tax" on it. I'm sure that there was a tax preparation place nearby, but it reminded me that I have yet to file my taxes. Thank-you, guy with the sign.

That gave me a thought. My least favorite political activity (in terms of effectiveness) is the honk-and-wave. Mostly because they build too close to the election. Honk-and-waves are more for name recognition, unless they are accompanied by signs that also say "vote tomorrow!"

OK, the election is still 7.5 months away, what does this say?

Well, a recent BYU poll showed that about 4 in 5 Utahns had heard of Pete Ashdown, yet 22% of people said they'd vote for him.

Pete's problem is name recognition.

So, maybe if people saw Pete's Name in front of them, they'd pay closer attention to it when they heard his name in the press.

So, I'm proposing doing a honk-and-wave somewhere, sometime, when the weather improves, just to see the kind of reaction we get.

Any ideas?



Rob said...

You name the place Bob, I recommend any intersection close to a wal-mart.

It's not a tumor... said...

Actually your success rate increases with sign waiving with, lots of people, bad weather, and teh locations are coordinated with the campaign targeting the same area with Mailers, and house events (Coffee, BBQ). That is also about the same time Campaign Yard signs and Candidate Door Knocking should occur in the area.

Apparently people see sign waivers in bad weather as really committed and have a strong belief in the candidate.

That and the more you do the sign waiving in more locations throughout the cycle, the better.

Bob said...

I'm not saying they're bad, ber say, but a little mis-timed.