Thursday, March 16, 2006

NCAA Tourney

I don't know why I enjoy the NCAA Tournament so much.

The thrill of voitory, the agony of defeat, to steal a cliche'.

I think it's the fact that Craig Bradshaw from Winthrop can scare the daylights out of Tennessee, almost causing the biggest upset of the year.

Not to mention scaring the millions of people who were ready to toss their brackets out the window on day one.

Like myself.

No, I didn't have Tennessee going all the way. It was Boston College that nearly did me in. And, they had to do it right here in Salt Lake City.

Maybe they were mad that I had Gonzaga beating them in the title game.

Go figure.


P.S. -- If women seem to always do the best in the office pools, doesn't that make it rather manly to do bad....

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