Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Madder'n Hell

(Warning!: This post is total stream of consiousness. It may contain language that is not exactly "G" rated. Hide the kids.)

Today's Utah Policy Daily was an opinion piece from LaVarr Webb about the "angry left."

First off, I laugh every time "Angry left" and "Howard Dean" are mentioned in the same speech. So, Howard Dean gives firey speeches to crowds of his supporters to fire them up. Does this make everyone who makes a firey locker room speech angry?

Also, Howard Dean is to the right of many Republicans on many issues, those issues that used to be keeping me in the Republican Party.

Also, if you want to see angry, check out Vice President Cheney's speech during the 2004 RNC Convention. There was more anger there than in 4 days worth of speeches at the DNC Convention. Or, the President getting upset at Helen Thomas this morning.

Then I realized. I may not be "left" per say, but I'm angry.

Not so much angry, but madder'n Hell.

I'm mad that regardless of what the Church says, more legislators still listen to Gayle Ruzicka than Gordon Hinckley.

I'm mad that NBC puts the best White House Correspondant on the Today show instead of at the White House.

I'm mad that the President refuses to answer simple questions. Like why are we still in Iraq after 3 years? Why were we really there in the first place? Why was Bush's cabinet full of the leaders of Desert Storm?

I'm mad at all the moaning over Russ Fiengold's attempts at censure. An effort supported by 54% of Americans.

I'm mad that John Murtha, a Vietnam Vet, is called unpatriotic and unAmerican for stating that the troops should be pulled out of Iraq within a year, a view held by 74% of troops in Iraq.

I'm madder'n Hell that Democrats keep pussyfooting around the President, afraid to call him out for what two-thirds of the American public has figured out: President George Walker Bush is doing a bad job.

I'm madder'n Hell that Republicans can call a Democrat an SOB, a nutcake, or tell a United States Senator to do anatomically impossible things to himself on the floor of the U.S. Senate, and it's OK. However, a Democrat calls a Republican a jerk, and it's the end of the world. A singer refuses to attend an RNC fundraiser, and the Republicans boycott her music.

I'm Madder'n Hell that "supporting the troops" means putting a yellow ribbon magnet on your car, while sending the troops into battle without proper battle armor.

I'm madder'n Hell that Someone is willing to stand up, call BS what it is, and is told to sit down, shut up, and hold on.

I feel like I'm Tom Cruise and the Government is Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men." I want answers! I WANT THE TRUTH!

Yet, I get told I can't handle the truth.

And really, I'm afraid to see, based on wat gets leaked out, what the truth truely is.

It's scary to think.

But, it's what makes me madder'n Hell, I I'm not going to take it one damn minute longer.


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That One Guy said...

that was so good you posted it twice... :) nice though.

And I agreee with you.