Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yesterday's Caucuses

So, last night was our neighborhood caucus meetings. The turnout in Leg District 36 seemed quite a bit lower than two years ago. However, my precinct had 5 people as opposed to 4 last time, and I was the only repeat attendee.

I've lost my delegate position (I put in for an alternate status should any spots not get filled/open up). I am the new Cahir, however. Shaun is my vice chair, and the new delegate.

News from other caucuses is outstanding. The Daily Herald reports a meeting in Orem that brought 3 sign up sheets, and had 110 people show up. Some of whom are recovering Republicans, much like I was two years ago:

"President Bush has turned me off from voting Republican forever," said Jacqueline Steffes of Orem. "And it isn't the war, although I don't believe in pre-emptive strikes. It is his wholesale sellout of the American people in favor of big corporations. ... "

Steffes's mother, Elizabeth Love, said she came Tuesday to get involved because "I'm so distraught over the national scene -- the complete ignoring of the national debt by Republicans, the war, being lied to to get into the war, having both the House and Senate roll over and play dead for Bush."

I also met a fellow blogger for the first time, but I'll comment on that later.


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