Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ashdown vs Hatch: the Awards

Pete Ashdown and Orrin Hatch have recently recieved awards from different groups. However, the differences in these groups and their awards speak volumes.

Let's look at the two awards themselves. From the Tribune (4/6/06):

XMission owner Pete Ashdown received the "Community Spirit" award for the Utah Society of Fund Raisers on Wednesday.

Ashdown set an open donation policy when he created the Internet Service Provider in 1993. The company will donate web hosting up to $50 a month for any 501(c)3 non-profit organization, any political party or politician.

Orrin's award was from the Information Technology Industry Council, naming him the "Legislator of the Year." I talked about it here.

Pete got his award for doing something that helped others, at minimal cost to himself, that he wasn't ever asked to do.

Orrin got his award for helping himself (in campaign contributions), at "negative cost" (profit) to himself, that he was asked to do by the people who gave the awards.

It would be like Shaun going around bragging about the award I gave him last week, if I had asked him to make a great comment on my blog, and gave him Jazz tickets to do it.


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