Sunday, April 23, 2006

The County Convention Part 3 -- Constructive Criticism

So, here we are a day later, and It's time for my construcive Criticism of yesterday's Salt Lake County Democratic Convention:

-The advertising for this event sucked! As I said earlier, the only reason one delegate knew it was happening yesterday was because he got an e-mail simply asking for volunteers.

-I got an e-mail on It was timestamped 23 Apr 2006 8:12:48 -- nearly 25 hours after registration began, and it came from YahooGroups.

-Those who run meetings of any kind need stopwatches. And don't be afraid to cut speakers off.

-Why do we have our ceonventions on the east side? And in the NorthEast quadrant of the valley? Granted, I like having the short drive, but what's wrong with Kearns High? How about Alta?

-A note to candidates: The education caucus knows all about the need to reduce class sizes. Please tell us how you are going to do it.

Well, that's all. Next up: The bad that was the convention. Stay tuned.


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