Thursday, April 20, 2006

Imapact Day at the U

I'm away from my little oldschool notebook at the moment, so I don't have all the details I wanted to share, but I have a jyst of it.

Last Friday, I went up to an event on the University of Utah campus called "Impact Day." Here are some of my thoughts:

-For the most part, the Democrats were together in the middle, with the Republicans set up divided on each side. The Constitution Party also had a really strong showing.

-I had many pleasant conversations with several people, however, most of those conversations were with Republicans. They seemed more willing to talk.

-I was shocked at how few volunteers there were for campaigns. Some booths even went unmanned. I'm sure that nobody volunteered because nobody was asked.

-The lack of students while I was there was amazing. Other events I've been to on campus have had many more students milling about. It was a beautiful day. Maybe publicity wasn't what it should have been.

-There was a spelling-bee formated quiz compitition between Democratic college kids and their Republican counterparts. It was won by Brett Garner, Pete Ashdown's Campaign Manager. He amazed the crowd with his knowledge of the Prime Minister of Japan, but missed the question about which 2 amendments deal with prohibition (I knew the answer).


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