Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tonight's Spagetti Dinner

I'm going to tonight's Democratic Spagetti Dinner because, well, it's a great place to meet the who's-who of Utah Democratic politics.

I went last year, and I guess I left an impression.

I first met Bob at the SL County Spaghetti Dinner. Admittingly suffering from tunnel vision while passing out some flyers, I missed a well dressed gentleman who was adimate about receiving a copy. Since then I have run into Bob a couple of times, but not often enough. -From Utah Amicus (Rob Miller)

Tonight, 5:30-8:30, West High School.



David said...

Becarefful Bob, once your a friend of Rob Miller's there is no turning back; which I'm sure is a good thing.

He is my most loyal friend.

xesnnton said...

Hey! Miller owes me $2.50

Who the heck is BOB

Rob said...

Who is David?

Rob said...

David Veit? Maybe, and um thanks.