Friday, April 21, 2006

Last Night's spaghetti Dinner

Last night's spaghetti dinner was as much fun as I advertised. Plus, I won myself a handy-dandy keychain that lets me know just how much longer George W Bush has as President (1004 days, 23 minutes, 27.3 seconds as of when I'm writing this).

Some other observations:

-As the "guy who lives in my basement" said, it was a "candidate potluck" with candidates bringing salad, breadsticks, and dessert.

-Why wasn't Pete Ashdown given time to speak? He's only the TOP OF THE TICKET this November. Give him some love.

-Mayor Peter Corroon reminded me of a funny experience that is the type of thing that makes campaigns fun. Pete was supposed to march in a parade in Kearns, then drive up to Murray for annother parade. I was going to be marching with him in the Kearns parade. There were only a few volunteers for the Kearns parade. I was the only one at the start when Pete's camapign staffer realized that the candidate was with his car at the end of the parade. I made it onto the parade route just before they closed it, flew up to the finish, picked Pete up, and luckily knew a back way to Kearns High School for the start. We got Pete there just after his group was leaving, and he easily caught up. However, I still had to find parking, and then run to catch up (and I'm not exactly a runner). It was crazy, and fun.

To read annother perspective on the dinner, read The Utah Amicus.

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