Friday, April 28, 2006

No Way Day

It's an issue that people from every walk of life agree on. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, a Constitutionalist, or Apolitical.

Pete Ashdown and Orrin Hatch agree. Heck, even Rocky and the LDS Church agree (surely, hell must have frozen over!)

We do not want Utah to become the dumping ground for nuclear waste, even temporarily. Accidents and terrorism can and do happen.

I know that this probably isn't the only local blog you read. But I am asking you again to contact the BLM. Do it today. Do it now.

Pam Schuller
U.S. Bureau of Land Management
Salt Lake Field Office
2370 South 2300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119


It is time to stand up. If this thing goes through, we are all doomed.

Again, it's amazing to me how this thing has spread. Utah Policy organized a Blogswarm, and it has been widely successful, from accross the spectrum:

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[Update 5:12 PM]

Gary Thornock
Annother from Utah Amicus
State of the Beehive and here also
Pete Ashdown

[Update 7:03 PM]

Steve Urquhart

I will bump and update the list as I have time and other posts throughout the day today.