Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's my car

It's a 1992 Ford Taurus. It's Purple. It's name is Vic. Sometimes, it's refered to as the purple people eater. The water temperature gauge doesn't work, and it leaks fluids on occasion.

But it's my car.

Yesterday's DNews had an article about what cars some of Utah's wheelers and dealers (pun intended) drive. (Hat Tip SLCSpin)

My favorite woute was from Orrin's camp. Spokeswoman Heather Barney (a former Sunday School teacher of mine) said that Orrin has been "looking for the past few months for a hybrid."

Because, well, it is an election year, and even Orrin is feeling the pinch of high gas prices.

Speaking of which, Pete Ashdown gives us an update on the Blue Goose (the state's fastest internet connection), and also says"There are changes we can make today, without waiting, to reduce our need for foreign-oil drastically. America needs leaders who are willing to do so."

Not leaders looking for the past few months.


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