Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Patiotism, Canada style

Over the past two years, I've heard at least 200 versions of the national anthem, some good, some downright awful.

Few have stirred me because of their beauty.

This one I saw on you tube stirred me.

O, Canada:

BTW, when was the last time that US television, other than huge mega-events, showed the singing of the national anthem?



That One Guy said...

More than stirred. I was moved to tears. Few times in my life have made me prouder to be Canadian!

Backstory: This was in response to the American crowd booing through the Canadian anthem when te Oilers played in San Jose two days before this event.

Stunning - it still gives me the shivers.


Bob said...

Thanks for the backstory. I had not heard that.

I was amazed when the Jazz played the Toronto Raptors how many people sat down during the Canadian anthem.


P.S. My grandfather was in the Canadian military during WWII.