Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10, 1976

Anyone want to guess what is significant about May 10, 1976?

It was the 479th anniversary of Amerigo Vespucci departing for the New World.
It was the 107th anniversary of the driving of the golden spike.
It was the 68th anniversary of the celebration of the first Mother's Day.
It was the 22nd anniversary of the release of "Rock Around the Clock," which was the first rock-and-roll song to reach #1 on the charts.
It was exactly 18 years before Nelson Mandela would become president of South Africa.
Fred Astaire celebrated his 77th birthday.
Bono, the lead singer of U2, celebrated his 16th birthday.

But those are not what makes May 10, 1976, significant, at least not to me.

That is the day, 30 years ago today, that a young, 42-year-old lawyer who grew up in Pittsburgh and owned a cassette tape store, who described himself as a "nonpolititian," filed to run as a Republican to become the newest United States Senator from Utah.

Orrin G Hatch, it's time to come home.


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