Friday, May 12, 2006

NSA, your phones, and you privacy

So, an article in yesterday's USA Today says that the governemnt has records of every phone call made and recieved by customers of most large phone companies.

Why Should I care? I'm not a terrorist. I haven't done anything wrong. Let 'em see who I call.

Well, that logic is flawed for two reasons.

1) Let's just say that a person named John Johnson in Iowa is discovered to be a terrorist. Shaun has purchased several things from John on eBay, and therefore they have made several phone calls back and forth. Therefore, they start looking into the data they have on Shaun. They notice that he was recently in Seattle for unspecified reasons, coming home on a flight, but how he got there is a mystery. All sorts of red flags there. So, they look at Shaun's phone records. They see that there are several calls back and forth between Shaun and I, including a dramatic boost around the time of his trip. So, I become a suspect. They discover, in a quick google search, that I have a blog that is critical of President Bush and Orrin Hatch. I must hate America. Next thing you know, Shaun and I leave town unexpectedly, on a nice little trip to Cuba, courtesy of the U.S. Government. I'll send a postcard from Camp Gitmo.

2) Um, it's kinda against the constitution.


P.S.: One of the great things about candidates having a blog is that it allows the candidate to comment on current stories. Check out Pete Ashdown's response, as well as Orrin Hatch's response. Oh, wait, you thought the "World's Worst Blog" would actually have something useful?

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