Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Spirit of 1976 part V: A feature Article

On Sunday, October 17, 1976, The Salt Lake Tribune ran a story on the front page of the local section (B1, continued on page B2) by their political editor Douglas L Parker. He had spent parts of two days with each candidate that week. What follows are exerpts of those stories.

"I think, at the bottom line, it's a new face," said Mr. Hatch, a 42-year-old lawyer making his first dip into state elective politics since moving to Utah in 1969 from Pittsburgh, Pa. "I think the people are tired of the old politics."

A gap between the two contenders is, perhaps, most sharply drawn when you consider that Mr. Hatch was a Brigham Young University student ... when Sen. Moss, now 65, first ran and won in a three-way race for U.S. Senator in 1958.

Pete Ashdown was 9 and a student at a Bountiful-area elementary school when Sen Hatch, now 72, first ran and won in a race for U.S. Senator in 1976.

Democrats control Congress so they are to blame for inflation and bureaucracy, Mr Hatch says.

And now Republicans are in control, so I guess they are to blame.

Mr. Hatch says he resents being "branded" by some as a "right wing conservative." But he thinks that's been pretty well dissipated. He tells the medical students [at BYU] he looks upon himself as an eclectic, "one who tries to take the truth from wherever it comes."

What he does with that truth is annother matter.


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That One Guy said...

DAMN!! It was HIM who took the truth... It's been missing for so long, nobody really remembers what it was.

It's time for us to get it back from him, he hasn't been its best steward.

Stenar said...

This is a great series of blog posts about Hatch's history. Thanks for researching and posting these. More people need to read them!

Ethan said...

I agree. Good job.