Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Spirit of 1976, Part IX -- an ineffective Senator, no energy bill

From The Salt Lake Tribune, October 4, 1976:

While campaigning in St George, [Orrin Hatch] said Democratic Sen. Frank E. Moss' seniority is ineffective after 18 years because it "hasn't been represented on Interior or Agriculture committees which have a dramatic effect on our state."

"A Congress that has been dominated for 40 years of the past 44 years by the Democrats has spent and spent our dollars and all we can show for this fiscal irresponsibility is a drastic reduction in spendable real dollars, and a questionable employment future for students who are graduating from our universities," Mr. Hatch said.

"And in three years, Congress has been unable to produce a comprehensive energy bill which is vital to this nation with the possibility of an oil embargo imminent," he said in annother speech.

Orrin's 30 years' experience is not represented in Interior or Agriculture committees.

And we have an energy bill written my oil companies that has contributed to $3/gallon gasoline.

Thanks, Orrin.


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