Friday, June 02, 2006

The Spirit of 1976 X -- Utah's Senior Senator "a Disgrace"

Sometimes, the headlines just write themselves.

Salt Lake Tribune, September 24, 1976, page 16B:

Utah's senior senator's voting record in Congress is "a disgrace," Republican candidate Orrin Hatch claimed in a debate Thursday.


"We've got too many people back there interested in feathering their own nests in the U.S. Senate," Mr. Hatch said.

"Sen. Moss has voted for virtually every fiscally irresponsible spending bill there is. Utahns have got to start recognizing this. This man has never voted for fiscal responsibility and never will," Mr. Hatch said.

"His (Sen. Moss') voting record has been a disgrace in our Congress. If I go back there, I am going to go back there and represent Utah in such a way that we are no longer considered the laughingstock of this country," he said.

He (Sen. Moss) has voted for every boondoggle -- no, I shouldn't say boondoggle -- for every major irresponsible financing or overexpenditure that we have had in our society," Mr Hatch said.

What I wouldn't give to have film of this debate. Especially of Hatch saying he wouldn't make us the laughingstock of the country. Mission Accomplished there, I'm sure.

And Orrin is the expert on boondoggle, and I'm not talking about the stuff I make "like a gazzillion" key rings out of at scout camp.


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