Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spirit of 1976 Part VIII -- "in hock"

From the Salt Lake Tribune of October 6, 1976. , page 17, with continuation on page 21.

My favorite quote from this story, which is full of good ones, is this one from Orrin Hatch: "The Congress has put us in hock for everything we own."

Kinda like they continue to do. Increase our debt load daily.

But, he has some other golden quotes.

Steps must be taken to curtail an "unelected buraucracy" and to stop the "proliferation of bills," [Hatch] said.

A "proliferation of bills" like flag-burning amendments, anyone?

The first goal is a balanced budget and stopping the government from competing with private enterprise in borrowing, Mr. Hatch said. "If we'd quit interfering with the private sector ... I think you'll find we'd have a reduction in unemployment."

This next segment is the close of the article. I have placed some emphasis on some key moments.

Mr. Hatch told the Rotarians that he believes small businessmen are "the most oppressed people on earth."

Mr. Hatch said there will be attempts "to paint me as a right wing crazy," but he claimed his goal is "to fight for the beleaguered, overworked taxpayer" and to protect individuals' rights from the encroachment of government.

He said the Democratic platform calls for increased government spending, and the current budget deficit is to be blamed against the Democratic-controlled congress in 40 of the last 44 years.

Well, he's done a fine job of causing us reason to not call him a right-wing crazy, hasn't he?

So, Mr. Hatch, when will you start fighting for the overworked taxpayer and protecting individuals' rights?

Oh, since it was the party in charge's fault that we were running a deficit in 1976, that must be the case today. Remind me again who's in charge?


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