Thursday, June 01, 2006


(My students are looking at me funny for making chicken sounds just to figure out how to spell them. Of course, the strutting around the room didn't help any....)

What do you do when you are invited to a debate, and the other two candidates back out?

Show up anyway.

From The Utah Amicus:

A televised debate was scheduled for [tonight] in Richfield, Utah between 3rd District Republican candidates, Chris Cannon and John Jacob, and Democrat Christian Burridge.

Once Rep. Cannon discovered that Democrat Christian Burridge was to be included in the debate he had a staff member call the station representative several times in an attempt to discourage the station from allowing Christian's participation in the debate. When the station expressed that it was the will of the local people to include candidate Christian Burridge, Rep. Cannon suddenly decided that he had a "scheduling conflict".

When John Jacob heard that Cannon would not be attending the debate he told the station rep. that it would be presumptuous on his part to assume that he would be the Republican nominee, and as such it would be improper to debate candidate Burridge.


Christian and I will be driving to Richfield tomorrow. We will be there for the debate. We challenge Rep. Cannon and Mr. Jacob to do the right thing, and show up. The citizens of the Third District deserve nothing less.

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