Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Spirit of 1976 IV: "fresh, new ideas"

Thanks to YDems for the name of the series.

Salt Lake Tribune, October 22, 1976, page C3:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Orrin G Hatch said seniority doesn't count for much in the Senate anymore, and it shouldn't be a major issue of this campaign against three-term Democratic Sen. Frank E. Moss.

"His voting record is the issue. His voting record says Utah needs a new senator, and his seniority cannot outweigh his voting record," Mr. Hatch asserted.

He said the senator's seniority hasn't produced the kind of power it might have. "His supporters have said he's number three, moving up to number two. The truth is the Senate may abolish the committee that he chairs, and his election to the position of whip isn't guaranteed," Mr Hatch said.

When Sen. Moss ran in 1958 against incumbent Republican Arthur V Watkins, he said the times required fresh new ideas. Mr. Hatch said, "Now, 18 years later, that is true again. We need fresh, new ideas in the Senate."

Remember, Sen Hatch isn't the chair of any committees right now.

And, once again, 30 years later, we need fresh, new ideas in the Senate.


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