Friday, June 09, 2006

Ashdown in St George: I don't want to buy the election

I wonder what some of Orrin Hatch's other elections would have been like if we had had the internet and blogs back then.

Steve over at Obiter Dicta by Steve has a great post about Pete Ashdown's recent trip to St George. Just a sampling, from the last event of a very long day of events:

While at the Toastmasters meeting, he said something that reveals what makes him such a great individual and candidate. When he was talking about how the Democrats have pushed him to fund his campaign with his business earnings from XMission, he replied by saying, "I don’t feel good about buying this race...I wanted to be a candidate that I would feel comfortable voting for as a constituent [who wants a representative that listens to more than just money]."

And why should he? He's already given up lot of time and effort, and his family has sacrificed on his behalf as well.

So, get out there and donate some cash his way.

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