Friday, June 30, 2006

Have we lost or won or ?

This is a branch off of my post on Wednesday entitled "Support the Troops."

The last part of what I had quoted said "and oh yeah, he'd keep them there to die long after we'd already lost." Commenter Bradley asked me if I believed and endorsed the statement.

Well, not entirely.

You see, I'm no military expert, but it seems like we aren't exactly winning the war. Of course, We'vr heard many times that we're winning, but we've also heard that the mission was accomplished.

We were there to find WMD. We didn't find them. Or, maybe we did. But, we've established that we won't find anything more about WMD. So why aren't our troops home yet?

Oh, yeah, it's because we had to find Saddam, just to make sure he doesn't return to power. Oh, yeah, he's been in prison for 2.5 years.

The insurgency's been in it's last throes for over a year now. And by last throes, I mean it's getting stronger.

The government that has been elected by the people of Iraq is more restrictive than the prior government. The only problem is that the new government doesn't kill people who break the law. Except for when they do.

Now, the line we get from the administration is that we'll stand down when the Iraqi military stands up. Which will be sometime after 2008. That's over two years from now.

All of this from the most powerful military force in the country.

No, I don't endorse the statement as it is written.

"and oh yeah, he'd keep them there to die long after we should have already won."

That's a statement I endorse.



Bradley said...

That is a much more defensible position. Thanks for the clarification.

Bob said...

Thanks for the comment. It forced me to think about things a little deeper,