Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Support the Troops


When it comes to our military, the Republicans feel it's expendable. There is apparently no cost in lives, no cost to our national esteem, no cost in dollars, that will override the Republican mania with using our military as a political weapon against ourselves. George Bush and the Republican party couldn't care less about victory in Iraq - they know they lost Iraq a long time ago. But they do care about George Bush's ego and his inability to ever admit a mistake, so they'll keep or troops in Iraq, watching our soldiers die as the situation gets worse and worse, simply because it would be embarrassing for George Bush to admit he lost the war in Iraq.

Republicans don't care about our troops. Oh they talk a good talk, and love to accuse Democrats of hating the military. But as Atrios wrote once, if he really hated the military he would simply send them to war in the wrong country, in insufficient numbers, with insufficient equipment, and without a plan for victory - and oh yeah, he'd keep them there to die long after we'd already lost.


ontripoli said...

I agree with you, I have been telling people that this war will produce similar results for the people who joined in to kill and the white house staff, such results that will represent the same hunting for these people like the Nazis of Germany, war criminals regardless of what rank.
People think it is a free ride to what ever they had in their mind (I mean Iraq) no it is not. You have a choice to make and you chose killing innocent people after invading their country contrary to the international law.
Peace out

Bradley said...

"and oh yeah, he'd keep them there to die long after we'd already lost."

Bob, I'm curious as to whether you believe and endorse this portion of the statement you quoted.

Bob said...

Please see this post.