Friday, June 23, 2006

It's all about the LDS vote

There is alot of talk in many LDS circles about how the devil will try to stop you from doing what's right. Put up blockaids in your way.

It's a belief that I personally have.

However, sometimes it's just bad luck. Sometimes it's not Satan, but God getting in the way, because what we are about to do is wrong. Most Mormons can't seem to recognize this.

I think that's John Jacob's problem.

Either that, or he's blantantly trying to court the LDS vote, because his "John Jacob Jingoistic Hype" show isn't resonating with Brother Voter.

Jacob's bad luck: Is it . . . Satan?

You see, apparantly, it's all Satan's fault that John Jacob's business deals have gone south. Not the fact that John Jacob has been spending more time campaigning and less time businessing than he used to.

It's all Satan's fault.



Stenar said...

Maybe John Jacob is just a bad businessman and shouldn't be in Congress, in that case.

Steve said...


Great commentary!

JM Bell said...

It's important to remember that, as far as failed businessmen go, Cannon has a pretty good list of failure as well.

It's the problem with millionaire hobbyists getting elected to office. They really have no idea what people need.