Thursday, June 22, 2006

Voting Problems on Tuesday

So, as you probably weren't aware, there is an election happening this Tuesday. Sure, it's a primary election, but it's still important.

It's important that we document the problems that happen now, so that we can avoid them in November. Maybe that's asking too much, but let's try, at least.

I personally will be touring Salt Lake County looking for problems, and liveblogging those problems. However, I need your help on a few points.

-Please e-mail me with your own voting problems. Include as much info as you are willing to share on the blog, but it will be especially helpful if you give your polling location. My e-mail address is bobiscookiemonster -AT- yahoo DOT com.

-Please share with me any free wifi hotspots in the valley you know of. Especially is the have someplace for me to plug the laptop into.

I'm sure that as Tuesday rolls around, I'll think of more.


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