Saturday, July 15, 2006

Annother Reminder to VOTE for Ashdown NOW!!!

Passing this along from the Ashdown campaign:

With your help I have gone from last to third place in Barbara Boxer’s PAC for a Change contest. On Tuesday I dropped to fourth place due to a feisty Claire McCaskill going to number one.

We can win this contest. It takes less than 30 seconds for you to register your vote. Please DO IT NOW!

Compare and contrast what what the other contestants in this contest are pulling in funds-wise for their races:

Barbara Boxer’s Top PFAC Contestants Candidate Funds Raised Funds on Hand PAC Funds
Claire McCaskill $2,869,343 $2,050,483 $437,421
Bob Casey $8,429,141 $4,474,480 $770,759
Barbara Ann Radnofsky $957,857 $281,799 $7,000
Pete Ashdown $57,222 $11,438 $0

See any differences? I applaud my fellow Democrats’ efforts, but ask yourself who would be the most fiscally conservative spending your tax dollars in Washington? I have been campaigning for over a year, put down over 18,000 miles, received national and international press attention, visited hundreds of community meetings and events, and hand pitched thousands of ice-cream Creamies to overheated children in parades everywhere. Getting a hand up from a sitting U.S. Senator will help this race considerably and I will not squander it’s benefit.

So please take a moment to VOTE and help me out by forwarding this message and recruiting others to help.


sarahbellum said...

hey bob, you don't have an email listed. will you send me a quick line? i have a couple questions for you:


That One Guy said...

The Bellum is out of the closet, another strike against anonyminity!!


See how fame and furtune spoils the fun??!!

That One Guy said...

anonyminity... nice word... and it's all MINE!!!

sarahbellum said...

no no no, it was a total accident i used that email address, but then i was too lazy to delete it. so really, fame and lack of fortune just causes laziness.