Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Open Letter to ReAL Salt Lake

To: Dave Checketts, and the rest of the RSL front office,

Dear Sirs:

I was overjoyed when it was announced that Salt Lake City was getting a Major League Soccer team. Finances prevent me from being a season ticket holder, but I attend as many games as my work schedule will allow.

I watched with anticipation the debate over where to place the stadium. While Sandy was my last choice, I was excited to finally have a stadium.

However, I fully support Mayor Peter Corroon and the County Council Members who voted against the stadium proposal last night.

Your numbers do not add up. You require 20,000 fans per game to make a profit. That's nearly a sellout for every game. In addition, you need to have the stadium used for concerts and other events an additional 100 dates a year. That's more use than the Delta Center gets. And, you will be competeing as a concert venue with the Delta Center, E Center, USANA Amplitheater, Sandy Amplitheater, Gallivan Center, Thanksgiving Point, And several other venues.

That alone does not make economic sense.

Furthermore, you play in a league where exactly one team has pulled a profit in it's 10-year existance.

So, until you can give me better financial numbers, I don't support a dime of taxpayer money to build a stadium, or to finance infrustructure, or whatever the money was supposed to go to.

Also, Until you commit to a winning team by making changes in either the coaching staff of player personnel (because something isn't working), I have spent my last dime on ReAL Salt Lake.

-Bob Aagard
Holladay, UT

P.S. If anyone has Dave Checkett's email address, please pass it along to me so that I can get this to him.

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Anonymous said...

And don't forget that he denied he would ask for any handouts from the city or county during his very first press conference with Real.