Tuesday, July 11, 2006

1976 Perspectives on Orrin Hatch ~ Dallas Austin

Last night, I was contemplating the Orrin Hatch/Dallas Austin thing, and how embarrassing Orrin Hatch was to Utah.

So, I give you some quotes from my "Spirit of 1976" series to enjoy in light of the new story:

Morality in Congress must be achieved, and there must be a return to the Judeo-Christian ethic "to where we look up to our senators and representatives." October 14, 1976, as quoted in Part VI

"His (Sen. Moss') voting record has been a disgrace in our Congress. If I go back there, I am going to go back there and represent Utah in such a way that we are no longer considered the laughingstock of this country," he said. September 24, 1976, as quoted in Part X

Integrity of public officials will be restored only when examples of good faith are demonstrated, said U.S. Senate aspirant Orrin Hatch


"There is little wonder that the image of congressmen has dropped to an all-time low," said Mr. Hatch, seeking the Republican nomination, in a BYU speech. August 8, 1976, as quoted in Part XIII

"We need new faces, new blood, new thinking," [Orrin Hatch] said. "It's time to turn out the politicians in Congress who have contributed to the failure of recent years. We used to have statesmen in the Senate. Now we seem to have just expedient politicians." Orrin Hatch, the day he signed up to run for the Senate, May 10, 1976

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Steve said...

Amen, Orrin!