Monday, June 05, 2006

The Spirit of 1976 Part XIII -- "Be Increasingly Cynical"

Salt Lake Tribune, August 8, 1976:

Integrity of public officials will be restored only when examples of good faith are demonstrated, said U.S. Senate aspirant Orrin Hatch after describing a meeting with a congressional sponsor of a bill to repeal the automatic pay increase Congress voted itself last year.

"There is little wonder that the image of congressmen has dropped to an all-time low," said Mr. Hatch, seeking the Republican nomination, in a BYU speech. "Taxpayers must be increasingly cynical when asked to cut back, tighten up, and buckle down by the very people responsible for many of our economic woes."

"Although deficit spending is a major contributor to inflation, the congressmen have insured that they will be least affected by their reckless action," Mr. Hatch said.

And yet, after 30 years, we're still deficit spending and Congress keeps giving themselves raises, with Hatch helping out along the way.


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