Monday, July 10, 2006

What others are saying about Orrin Hatch and cocaine

Pete Ashdown asks "Seniority for Utah or seniority for Hollywood"
This Divided State: "Everyone should spread this around. This guy is so sketchy. I wonder how much play this will get in Utah. I wonder if the voters around here will even care that Orrin Hatch is clearly corrupt."
The Heretik (source of above picture): "The drug in question was cocaine, as Orrin occasionally might call it blow. Will Hatch blow it in this year’s election in the reddest state in America? Orrin may get a few more calls looking for some help."
Outside the Beltway: "Perhaps the next time Hatch talks to President Bush, he might suggest similar leniency for the tens of thousands of non-violent drug offenders in federal prison in this country, but I won’t be holding my breath."
Sons of Perdition: "Orrin Hatch's Morality is for Sale - going cheap"
iPac: "According to the NY Times article, the Senator has a long history of leniency for drug offenders, but where is the compassion for a 12 year old girl sued by the RIAA? Oh, that's right, blow up her computer and lock her away."


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