Friday, July 07, 2006

Why The World Doesn't Need Rocky

The Headline has meaning for those who have seen Superman Returns.

However, the content of the post has meaning for all of us.

You see, in this week's Salt Lake City Weekly, there is an editorial about Rocky Anderson and how people are nervous that he won't run again.

I hope he doesn't.

You see, Rocky has been bad for Salt Lake City, and Democrats in general.

If we had annother mayor, we wouldn't be talking about a Gateway-on-Steroids in Sandy, because the stadium would be built in the real Downtown. However, because Rocky has pissed off the legislature, they banned the use of using RDA money, the lynchpin of Rocky's plan, for sports stadiums. At least long enough to give Sandy the stadium. Then, they reversed the law.

The Pioneer Park Nutcake Protests last August had been planned long before Rocky poked his nose into it. Because he illegally used his city email account, they became the Rocky Anderson protests.

Cars idling on I15 is far worse for our environment than Legacy Parkway.

The best way to kill a good bill in the Legislature is to get Rocky in favor of it. That's how the tobacco lobby convinced legislators to kill the smoking in bars legislation.

The only good thing Rocky has done was benefits for partners of gay city employees. However, he rejected a proposal from the city council that would extend the benefits to even more people. Because it has to be all about Rocky.

Rocky takes more vacations than President Bush. We need a mayor who is actually here in Salt Lake. We also need a mayor who realizes that he was elected Mayor of Salt Lake City, Not Mayor of the World.

It's telling that most of the city council wants to run for mayor, even if Rocky's in the race. Mr Anderson needs to retire and write a book or something.


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doesn't he have a quilt half done that needs to be finished?