Saturday, August 05, 2006

Campaigning after labor day, vs 24/7/365

I find it interesting to hear people say that the campaign season starts after Labor Day.

It's interesting, because it's full of crap.

Orrin Hatch has been running this reelection campaign since November 8, 2000.

Some would say that he has been running for reelection since November 3, 1976.

Pete Ashdown has been running for the office for some 600 days. For him, Campaign season is in it's last throes.

Now, I know what some commenter is going to leave: "But the general public doesn't pay attention until after Labor Day." That is true, for the most part.

However, there are people who are starting to get interested. My friend Joe, for instance, is paying attention more and more. And he is far from being a polijunkie.

So, to the people who tell you that we still have a month until "political season," tell them that they're just scared to get their message out.


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