Thursday, August 03, 2006

Senator Hatch's shifty positions

From Ethan's SLCSpin:

I asked Dave Hansen of Senator Orrin Hatch's campaign if the Senator planned on participating in Pete Ashdown's debate idea.

I was told that the Senator would not be participating because his August campaign schedule was already worked out, that he had many campaign events, so he would not be participating.

That sounds reasonable, especially for the August 12 debate. Of course, this is the Hatch campaign, after all....

I asked if I could have a copy of his campaign schedule for August. I was told I could not have a copy because his schedule was not completely worked out yet,

It's worked out, but it's not worked out. Kinda like I supported it before I was against it. Or, Seniority isn't important. Or is it like the need for a balanced budget so bad that Sen Hatch would resign if he wasn't able to achieve it? Oh, but Mr Hansen clarifies:

When I pressed, he insisted what he meant to say is there was a lot of flexibility in the Senator's August schedule.

So I asked if there was so much flexibility in the Senator's schedule, perhaps he could find a convenient time for one or two debates.

I was told the Senator would not participate in any August debates because the campaign season didn't begin until after Labor Day.

So, there's campaign events "worked out" (with some flexibility) before the "campaign season" starts. Makes as much sense as having Utah's Senior Senator be from Pennsylavania.

And, I'm sure that all 29 of Ashdown's debates aren't scheduled for between Aug 12 and September 4 (Labor day).

Sounds like Orrin just doesn't want to participate.


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