Thursday, August 24, 2006

James Evans: Republicans Don't Do The Will Of The People

Last night, I was driving up Millcreek Canyon to enjoy the company of some friends. I was listening to KSL Radio's Nightside Project, and I heard something that made me laugh so hard that I almost ran my car off the road.

They had Salt Lake County Republican Chair James Evans on to talk about his "pro Bush" rally planned for next week.

I really wish that KSL made the shows availiable to download or something, because I sure would love to transcript what I heard.

Basically, Mr Evans said that when the war was popular with the voters, the Democrats were in favor of it. Now that the war is unpopular with Americans, Democrats are opposed to it.

In other words, Mr Evans admitted that Democrats are more closely aligned with the will of the people, not Republicans.

Now, I get that he's saying that Democrats have changed their mind. It seems like most of America has, alos. But even Republicans have changed their mind. Just ask a Republican why we're in Iraq.

Terror? 9/11? Saddam's War Crimes? Not being able to tell an "N" from a "Q?"


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