Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pete Ashdown needs our help

The ActBlue Netroots page is currently accepting nominations for their next candidate to endorse. This could be huge for Pete financially. It could also be small, but every little bit helps. This page is run by DailyKos, MyDD, and the Swing State Project.

The qualifications, and why I believe that Pete qualifies:

The candidate is a challenger, not an incumbent. This one is fairly self-explanitory.

The candidate does not have a massive amount of cash on hand, but
also is not looking for an easy way out of traditional fundraising.
$18,000 as of the last reporting period is far from "massive." However, he has been making the traditional phone calls for cash.

While not top-tier, the campaign is understood to be winnable. This is the most debatable one of them all, but the Hatch camp is running scared as evidenced by their having a fundraiser with none other than President Bush despite a $2Million dollar advantage. (source: Salt Lake Tribune, August 16, 2006)

There is a strong local netroots scene either in or very near the
candidate's district.
The list of blogs who have endorsed Ashdown is very long, and many of them are from Utah.

The candidate is willing to use the netroots and the progressive
movement as an essential component of his or her campaign.
Many of the bloggers recieve press releases from the Ashdown Campaign. He is running one of the most tech-savvy campaigns in the country, with both a campaign blog and a campaign wiki.

So, now what do we need to do? Nominate Pete by going to the following websites and leaving a comment.

Swing State Project


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