Monday, September 18, 2006

133% Capacity: Is our Children Learning

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to substitute for a high school World History class.

It's my job.

However, this class had no textbook. The teacher said it was because of funding.

This "classroom" also had 30 desks. It was one of those "portable classrooms" that are placed on campus forever, or until a strong wind lows them over.

The 30 desks is an important number, because there were 40 students in the class. In other words, 10 kids had to sit on the floor. That's 25%.

Which is assuming that everyone shows up. If your place of business had only enough room for 75% of your coworkers to work, why even bother showing up, right?

And we wonder why each generation is getting stupider.



Part of the Plan said...

But Bob, with the big tax cut for the richest 5% of Utahns that will be passed tomorrow, Utah will then become a magnet for more rich people who will then buy more Hummers and Gulfstream jets which will result in more sales tax which will result in more funding for...oops, transportation, not education. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

That One Guy said...

Let's burry up and get that damn tax plan through... WE NEED MORE HUMMERS ON THE STREETS.